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I am unable to participate in your committee meeting on Tuesday due to a previous commitment. Committee Members, I think it is critical for the success of our democracy for City residents to put forth an effort to be aware of what is happening within their community, including within all governments we have elected to represent us. The larger the number of citizens (from each and every conceivable categorization imaginable) who proactively participate in our governing process, the more our democracy will be representative, genuine and successful. On the topic of campaign finance it seems important that one of the goals of City rules should be to make it as clear and simple and positive as possible for citizens to participate in the campaign and entire election process, including those stepping up and seeking public office. Obviously official procedures and rules are necessary, but it is important they strike a respectful tone to promote and optimize interest and participation by citizens in this aspect of the Democratic process. As a proponent of continuous improvement, I appreciate the Committee’s commitment to reviewing the content and effectiveness of the City’s current campaign finance rules. Because these rules have been recently revised, and elections have now take place under these rules, review and evaluation is now possible and necessary to determine if any clarifications or other revisions to the rules are necessary to better express and meet our Community values and goals. Thank you for the effort you are expending on analyzing this important piece of our Democracy. Jim Kinney
September 6, 2022, 1:30 AM
James Kinney
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