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This past Saturday our neighborhood experienced a car accident at 20th & Applewood and excessive speeding appeared to be at play. The segment of 20th between Simms and Willow has historically been fraught with excessive speeding and dangerous driving. Thanks to community and city collaboration, a portion of that stretch has been able to mitigate speeding. The latest project ( appears to have improved a small subset of speeding on 20th. However, the leg of 20th west of Urban/Winfield all the way to Youngfield is our current problem. Once westbound cars exit the new pedestrian crossing at Urban/Winfield, they tend to speed excessively all the way to the stoplight at Youngfield. This is problematic for neighborhood families who walk along Willow and cross 20th. This is a wonderfully, tree-filled intersection, but it's especially dangerous because this is exactly where cars pick up speed. It would be a huge asset to our neighborhood if Lakewood's Traffic Engineering department could consider ways to mitigate speeding between Urban/Winfield and Youngfield along 20th. Is there any way to also install a pedestrian traffic signal at 20th & Willow? In the past I've contacted both of my Ward 1 Councilors about speeding on 20th, as well as Mayor Paul. Councilor Shahrezaei and Mayor Paul were gracious enough to respond with concern and possible paths toward a solution. Councilor Able responded in a terse, contrarian manner which offered no suggestions towards a pragmatic outcome.
September 26, 2022, 9:33 AM
John Claus
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The Housing Policy Commission (HPC) was established in 2019. Since its establishment, it has only worked on the issue of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) even though its authority is much broader than that.  The HPC has proposed ordinances on STRs to the wider city council three times, each time being rejected and sent back down to the HPC for further adjustment, or now sent to workshop for further discussion.  In fact, each time an ordinance was proposed, it looked nothing like the previous one, and was sent back down with completely new ideas from the wider city council.  The HPC seems to be working hard to search for a clever solution that will make everybody happy.  However, the positions expressed in the public comments from the people on both sides of the issue have not changed in the past three years whenever the issue was put forward.  I personally do not have strong opinions on this issue either way.  But I am very concerned that the HPC seems to be unable or unwilling to work on any other housing policy issue until the perfect STR solution can be hammered out.  Since the HPC had its inaugural meeting in October 2019, housing prices have gone up 44% in Lakewood.  I would like it to work on affordable and attainable housing since the city council has repeatedly said that that was one of the top priorities that came out of this year's retreat.  There are only 3-4 months left of this year.  I really hope that the city council can come together during this workshop on STRs, put the issue to rest even if the solution is not perfect, and not send it back to the HPC.  Or if it is sent back, I hope that the HPC could put this issue on the backburner and focus on something new.  Sunk cost is one heck of a drug.
September 20, 2022, 1:08 AM
Joshua Comden
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