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Item #4: PL23-0001 - Three Mile Plan - Discussion and Action
Section 31-12-105(1)(e) of the Colorado Revised Statutes places limits on municipalities that annex land by mandating that “no annexation may take place that would have the effect of extending a municipal boundary more than three miles in any direction from any point of such municipal boundary in any one year.” Section 31-12-105(1)(e) of the Colorado Revised Statutes also requires that, “prior to the completion of any annexation within this three-mile area, the municipality shall have in place a plan for that area that generally describes the proposed location, character, and extent of streets, subways, bridges, waterways, waterfronts, parkways, playgrounds, squares, parks, aviation fields, other public ways, grounds, open spaces, public utilities, and terminals for water, light, sanitation, transportation, and power to be provided by the municipality and the proposed land uses for the area.” In addition, any municipality adopting an annexation plan must update the plan on an annual basis.
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