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I would like to let the council know that, as a Lakewood resident, I am appalled at how the LPD handled the gentleman who's car was being towed. He is a victim of police brutality and outright assault. Abusive officers need to be removed - immediately! I have had several run-ins with LPD myself (a 62 year old white woman) and have found them to be anything but kind or compassionate - they are power hungry control freaks and it is way out of hand. You need to do a full review of the entire LPD force and then act accordingly.

05/08/2021 9:29 pm
Stacey Potts
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My name is Amber Varwig. As a citizen of CO, and a resident of Lakewood, I call for a Citizen's Review Board of the Local police department. All people should be held accountable to their oaths of office, all citizens should be accountable for their actions, all citizens should have a voice and transparency in such, and no one whatsoever should be above the law!
Thank you.

05/08/2021 3:28 pm
Amber Marie Varwig
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