Inclusionary Zoning Discussion

The Development Dialogue Ad Hoc Committee will discuss inclusionary zoning.


2007 American Planning Association “Case Studies in Inclusionary Housing” ( 1.42 MB )
2015 Lincoln Institute “Inclusionary Housing Creating and Maintaining Equitable Communities” ( 5.84 MB )
2016 Urban Land Institute “The Economics of Inclusionary Development” ( 6.74 MB )
2017 Lincoln Institute “Inclusionary Housing in the United States Prevalence, Impact, and Practices” ( 0.78 MB )
2021 Lakewood case studies outside of Colorado ( 0.29 MB )
2021 Lakewood memo on Colorado IZ programs ( 0.19 MB )
2021 Summary of other CO IZ programs ( 0.13 MB )

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Tonight LONGMONT has been mentioned as an example to which to compare Lakewood possibilities. REMEMBER that Longmont put the kabosh on Metro Districts in Residential zones. Lakewood has not. They have had no problem attracting development but they DISALLOW METRO Districts in residential zones. They put heavy restrictions on metro districts in Mixed Use zones.

Inclusionary zoning is indeed one option in high density areas, but please research how controversial it is. This is because it has mixed results, some unintended consequences and basically has the market-rate buyers/renters subsidizing the low-income residents in the same building since the builders spread their costs amongst the market rate units. It has no statistically significant benefit in places where implemented and it has been a DIS-incentive to builders in others. It also raises the prices for the persons buying/living in the low-income units in the building, as they are essentially subsidizing these.

Perspective: LAKEWOOD is one of the MOST AFFORDABLE suburbs/towns/municipalities in the Denver Metro region as measured by all economic and real estate measures. We tend to be in the bottom 4 or 5 most expensive or put another way, the top 4 or 5 cheapest.

Lastly, as long as out of staters from more expensive places are moving here and encouraged to move her in great delight at our lower prices, filling up all the inventory, you will NOT get developers to want to build anything other than market rate projects.

Thank you. Imara

05/20/2021 7:38 pm
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