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RE: Bike Safety and Speed Mitigation - West Corridor Bikeways

Both W. Alameda Pky & Morrison Rd are the prominent pathways for cyclists to access JeffCo foothills and the C470 pathway. These have become increasingly unsafe with unmitigated highway speeds and increasing volumes of traffic.

Concentrating on W. Alameda, the speed limit at 45mph is regularly disregarded. Lakewood Police issue numerous speeding citations between S. McIntyre and Bear Creek Blvd (a 1.6 mile stretch). Last week, a champion cyclist lost her life to an intoxicated speeding motorist.

I ask, as a 26 yr resident of Green Mountain the following:
1) Reduce the Speed Limit to 40mph between Bear CreeK Pkwy and C470
2) Install digital (radar) speed read-out signs in both directions.
3) Create a 'protected' bike lane using hinged plastic poles on the eastbound lane from the City Marker Pylon to at least the turning lane at S. Indiana. Similar to the protect lane markers at the base of Lookout Mountain
4) Consider creating a crosswalk with flashing lights between Forsberg Park and the trailhead for Green Mountain.
5) LASTLY, please let's try and honor Lakewood resident and Cycling Champion Gwen Inglis with something more than a 'Ghost Bike'. I suggest A) start with a sign designating the W. Alameda Bike lane as the 'Gwen Inglis Memorial Bikeway'. I would like to see the Stars & Stripes Jersey on the sign. B) Consider placing a Bronze Statue of Gwen in the area between the concrete path and the asphalt bike path - just above the ''Ghost Bike" where the area widens. The statue should be similar to the one at the base of Lookout Mountain. The cycling community is very good at raising money for various charities, I'm sure they would be able to raise enough for this. This would also be a positive step for Lakewood to show their support and commitment to the safety of cyclists. Nobody wants to see another Ghost Bike.

05/23/2021 3:45 pm
Stephen Sturm
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