Lakewood Advisory Commission (LAC) Meeting
8 items Wed, May 19, 2021 at 7:00pm
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6. New Business


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6.A. Welcome New Members – Kip Kolkmeier and John Claus

6.B. Presentation Vice Chair Casey Hensley – Google Docs

6.C. Diversity Committee Update

  •  Ways to Engage Renters
  •  Meetings in Ward 2
  •  Diversity to be part of the Executive Meeting

6.D. ACIC 2014-02 Attendance Policy – Attached

6.E. Getting the word out about the LAC

  •  Lakewood article
  •  Speakers Bureau – Speak at local groups to inform them
  •  Visits made: South Lakewood Business Assoc, Lakewood Estates, Emerald Estates and Wildflower Patio HOA’s

6.F. Update by Bruce on what has happened to our presentations

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